As exciting and romantic as it may sound, a trip to Spain for me is another flight (in this case a rather long 14 hour flight) to get somewhere and work very hard to get the girls stage ready and have the best experience possible…this part I love and it is very rewarding to be a part of it.

I don’t sleep well on plane rides so I knew in advance it would be challenging for me to adjust to the time change and feel rested while in Spain. When I arrived on my layover in Miami, I literally had to jog for 45 min trying to catch my connecting flight to Madrid, as the gate agent directed me to the wrong terminal, so after 2 additional and unnecessary security checkpoints, and a 45 min cardio session later, my gate was being closed and they were calling my name one last time. I was sweating buckets when I ran onto my plane to anticipate an additional 9 hrs flying time after the 6 hrs I just finished.

Upon arriving in Madrid, of course my luggage didn’t have the time to make the connecting flight so it would be 2 days in Madrid wearing the same outfit that I left Las Vegas in…nice. Thank goodness the house we rented for the 9 of us on our team had laundry machines, so I was able to wash my outfit in order to tolerate it for 2 more days…if only I could read the labels and the machine instructions, I wouldn’t have used dishwasher detergent to “clean” my clothes, but somehow it worked out ok, after washing 2 more times to get the suds out of my clothes!

The best part about this trip though was the fact that my former bunkie Beti Kristof and my new roomie Carly Ryan were also traveling with me to help out with all the competitors at the show. We shared in a lot of laughs together just due to the language barrier left us all feeling a bit out of sorts and helpless at times. 
We took a lengthy nap when we arrived at the house Wednesday morning, and felt a bit more turned around to start the trip off. 
The first day of makeup and hair for me was Friday, and the girls were from all over the globe to compete in the Madrid Arnold Classic, and they were all very sweet, some with thick Australian accents and some speaking thick Russian or Spanish, but they were all very happy with their new look for stage.

The best part of the day is when your last girl is stage ready and runs off with a smile on her face, no one is late, and I can exhale…my work here is done.
On day two I was able to work with my Pro girls Tanji Johnson and Miriam Capes. They had no idea I was coming and were thrilled to be able to feel at home in my chair as I painted them for their routine rounds…which at that level were exceptional to watch. I went and took in the Pro show and backstage to help them refresh between rounds. I love watching these talented women perform their best routines with the creativity and energy of true professionals.

By the time our 16 hr day ended on Sat, we took our tired bodies home, ate whatever was in the fridge at the house, and did I mention “cold”, as the power went off every 2 min so heating the food or using the stove was not an option. I had a delicious cold beef and rice meal with ketsup, and the rest of the time, was one of 6 other Iphone flashlights as we tried to find the breaker box so we could all function again.

My flight on Sunday was around noon so I did get some rest and during my cab ride to the airport took in as much of the ambiance of Madrid on the way there as I could, as I didn’t have any time to site see during the the entire trip. Only 14 more hours in the sky and I would be home sweet home, and look forward to each weekend of makeup and hair to follow.

Another job well done.

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